Board of Trustees

Barry R. Sloane

Barry R. Sloane,

Chairman and Treasurer

Barry R. Sloane, Chairman, President, and CEO of Century Bank and Century Bancorp, Inc.

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Martin Edelman

Martin Edelman,

Vice Chairman

Martin Edelman is of Counsel to Paul Hastings, LLP.

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David H.W. Turner

David H.W. Turner,


David Turner is the Chief Financial Officer of KPMG LLP.

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Dr. Manny Alvarez

Dr. Manny Alvarez,

Board Member

Manny Alvarez M.D. is Senior Managing Editor of Fox News Health.

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Dr. E. Ratcliffe Anderson, Jr.

Dr. E. Ratcliffe Anderson, Jr.,

Board Member

Lieutenant General (Dr.) Edgar Ratcliffe Anderson, Jr. received his MD from LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans.

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Gerry Byrne

Gerry Byrne,

Board Member

Gerry Byrne is the Vice Chairman of PMC (Penske Media Corp).

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Hadley M. Fisher

Hadley M. Fisher,

Board Member

A native of NY, Hadley M. Fisher is part of the third generation of Fisher Brothers.

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Betsy Gotbaum

Betsy Gotbaum,

Board Member

Betsy Gotbaum is the Executive Director of Citizens Union.

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James L. Nederlander

James L. Nederlander,

Board Member

James L. Nederlander serves as President of the Nederlander Organization.

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Richard J. Salem

Richard J. Salem,

Board Member

founded Enable America to eliminate the significant barriers to employment, civic involvement, and social inclusion for the 54 million Americans living with disabilities.

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Dr. Moshe Shike

Dr. Moshe Shike,

Board Member

Dr. Moshe Shike is a board-certified gastroenterologist, internist, and nutritionist.

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