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Losing someone you love is hard. During this extremely difficult time in your life, the Fisher Center offers you comfort in our Memory Wall. May your loved one’s legacy continue for years to come.

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  • Profile picture of Elizabeth Kenowsky Fisher
    Elizabeth Kenowsky Fisher
    1914-01-01 - 2004-01-12

    Philanthropist Elizabeth Kenowsky Fisher, co-founder of the Intrepid Museum, Fisher House and Fisher Armed Services Foundations passed away on January 12, 2004 at 90 years old...

  • Profile picture of Charles Gustafson
    Charles Gustafson
    1932-01-28 - 2019-07-18

    A Korean War veteran, worked for the Minneapolis Inspections Dept for 30 years. A hard worker and a loving husband, father, and grandfather...

  • Profile picture of Harry Johantgen
    Harry Johantgen
    1945-08-16 - 2019-08-28

    Harry "Hank" Larue Johantgen, 74, of San Angelo died on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 in San Angelo..

  • Profile picture of Crispinus Koopmans
    Crispinus Koopmans
    1929-04-02 - 2019-08-08

    Crispinus Carel Koopmans was born on April 2, 1929 to Sijtze Koopmans and Saapkje Romkje Smits in Heerenveen, Friesland, the Netherlands...

  • Profile picture of Lillian VanSteenberghe
    Lillian VanSteenberghe
    1927-07-15 - 2019-08-11

    Lilian VanSteenberghe of Somerset, NJ passed away peacefully Sunday morning at the age of 92 at Foothill Acres Nursing Home in Hillsborough, NJ...

  • Profile picture of Fela Samel
    Fela Samel
    1936-04-15 - 2019-07-19

    Feyge ‘Fela’ Samel, née Sadek, was born April 15,1936 in Dlugosiodlo, Poland, the fifth of eight brothers and sisters...

  • Profile picture of James Dimino
    James Dimino
    1923-09-04 - 2019-06-27

    Husband, Father, son, brother, retired FDNY. James V Dimino born in Brooklyn, NY, 1923...

  • Profile picture of Donna Simpson-Browning
    Donna Simpson-Browning
    1944-01-01 - 2019-06-29

    Colington, Kill Devil Hills, NC – Donna J. Browning passed away in Nags Head, June 29, 2019, due to natural causes at the age of 75..

  • Profile picture of Jacqueline Cole Candland
    Jacqueline Cole Candland
    1939-08-12 - 2019-05-24

    Jacqueline Ann Cole Candland, at 79, died May 24, 2019, in Salt Lake City from complications related to Alzheimer's disease...

  • Profile picture of Ann White
    Ann White
    1942-04-02 - 2019-03-02

    Ann Howard White published author, passed away on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at Charlestown Retirement Community after a long battle with Alzheimer’s; she was 76...

  • Profile picture of Bobbie Jean Marsh Maida
    Bobbie Jean Marsh Maida
    1931-06-21 - 2019-05-19

    Bobbie Jean Maida, nee Marsh was born on July 21, 1931, during a thunderstorm in Lake Charles, LA.....

  • Profile picture of Rita Calabrese
    Rita Calabrese
    1930-03-24 - 2019-05-05

    Rita Mary Calabrese (maiden name Howlett) passed in May, 2019 from Alzheimer's disease...

  • Profile picture of Mercedes Florez
    Mercedes Florez
    1928-08-25 - 2019-05-12

    María Mercedes Flórez Prida, a devoted wife, mother, grandmother – and a woman many people counted on for strong, grounded guidance and wisdom.....

  • Profile picture of John Krecji
    John Krecji
    1924-04-16 - 2019-05-03

    Loving husband of Rena, happily married since May 5, 1957.....

  • Profile picture of Pola Damian
    Pola Damian
    1932-09-02 - 2019-04-22

    Beloved wife, mother, grandmother and sister, Pola Ann Damian, 86, of Spring Grove, formerly of Mount Prospect, died Monday, April 22, 2019...

  • Profile picture of Eleanor A. Burrell
    Eleanor A. Burrell
    1929-11-23 - 2019-04-18

    Eleanor A. Burrell died Thursday, April 18, 2019 at Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health in Abington...

  • Profile picture of Dr. Paul Greengard
    Dr. Paul Greengard
    1925-12-11 - 2019-04-13

    Dr. Paul Greengard was the Vincent Astor Professor, Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience and Director of The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research...

  • Profile picture of Gerard Leo
    Gerard Leo
    1929-03-16 - 2019-04-13

    Gerard A. Leo (Jerry) passed away peacefully on Saturday, April 13, 2019 where he was residing at Harmony Village, Paramus, NJ...

  • Profile picture of Janet Gaydos
    Janet Gaydos
    1937-11-16 - 2019-03-22

    Janet Marie Gaydos, 81, passed away March 22 surrounded by her family...

  • Profile picture of Murray M. Rubin
    Murray M. Rubin
    1942-12-26 - 2019-03-07

    Rubin—Murray Martin, of Jacksonville, Florida, passed away on Thursday, March 7, at the age of 76, on the beautiful island of Bonaire that was his second home for 21 years, after diving with friends who are family...

  • Profile picture of James Dixon, Jr.
    James Dixon, Jr.
    1930-05-07 - 2019-02-11

    James Edward Dixon, Jr. passed away February 11th, 2019 peacefully at Serenity Place in Dublin, GA...

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