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2019 Financial Report




The Foundation’s primary goal is to fund The Fisher Center, underwriting novel research to find a cure and understand the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Programs include:

  • Our website, ALZinfo.org, which hosts a wealth of information about Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Preserving Your Memory, a tri-annual magazine filled with caregiving tips and the latest news on Alzheimer’s research and treatments.
  • Alzheimer’s Research News You Can Use, an e-newsletter that provides information about how to better live with, and care for, someone with Alzheimer’s disease.


Fundraising allows us to promote our mission to end Alzheimer’s by raising awareness and providing funding for novel Alzheimer’s research.

Administrative cost:

Our administrative expenses support:

  • A small, talented staff,
  • Legal and accounting services,
  • Office equipment and supplies. (Office space and furniture is gifted to the Foundation by a donor.)


Check out our annual reports and audited financial statements.


2019 Annual Report

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