Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: March 2008

Herbal ‘Memory Booster’ Shows Limited Benefits, Possible Harm
A small study in which elderly men and woman received the popular herbal "memory booster" ginkgo biloba suggested that the herb may be beneficial in reducing the risk of dementia...
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Antibiotics, Alzheimer’s and End-of-Life Care
People in the most advanced stages of Alzheimer's disease most often live in nursing homes and are prone to respiratory infections, fevers and other ills...
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Brain Health Improving in Seniors, But Alzheimer’s Still a Top Concern
Memory loss and thinking problems are becoming less common among older Americans, according to a new national survey of seniors aged 70 and older...seniors today tend to be more physically fit and suffer from less disability than earlier generations
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Stress, Diabetes and Memory Loss
Scientists studying rodents have linked the learning and memory declines to a stress hormone known as corticosterone. It is similar to the main stress hormone produced in humans, called cortisol.
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At Risk for Stroke, At Risk for Mental Decline
Stroke risk factors linked to cognitive problems in older Americans.
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Managing Finances Are a Big Concern for Those With Early Alzheimer’s
Estate planning and fraud a concern for families touched by Alzheimer's.
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