A Faraway Place

Last night I traveled to a faraway place, a place I had never been before and yet familiar, except this time it was at high speed.

Buildings and street corners passed me by at great speed, supermarkets and shoppers going about their business at 100 miles per hour.

Thing was, I didn’t or couldn’t make out if I was passing them or they were passing me as I didn’t seem to be in a vehicle of any kind!

Huge buildings towered over me and seemed to be coming closer and closer. I could hear someone shouting but couldn’t make the voice out and then …

It stopped as suddenly as it started and I was in a field full of raspberry bushes. I found myself explaining to someone my surroundings, which seemed to change every second.

One minute I was in a field, the next walking by a riverside, then in a cinema, then in a car. This seemed to go on for an age, scenes changing like switching TV channels.

I suddenly realized I was talking to Elaine my Angel, but she wasn’t there, just a voice in the distance as I carried on describing where I was.

Then, for some reason I suddenly realized I was in a world of my own.

I was stuck in some way in this, my very own reality, and felt like there was no way back.

I suddenly felt so very alone and frightened. WHAT IF I never go back, I screamed. WHAT IF this is what it’s like falling over the edge of dementia and all I have to look forward to, changing places, unfamiliar scenes for the rest of my life, I SCREAMED

And suddenly I was there, sitting in my front room with my wife, my beautiful wife Elaine. She sat with me asking if all was okay.

Did I step over the edge, if just for a second?

 Is this what the future holds in a faraway place? 


Norrms Diagnosed with Dementia 9 years ago aged 50