Just when you think you can’t take any more, Look in your heart and step through that door,

The door that says, “This way please” “All your problems and worries, we will ease,”

As you find the strength to step through that door, Looking for peace, to be anxious no more, Someone in the distance is waving you through, A familiar face, yet you don’t know who,

The closer you get, the steadier the walk, Worries disappear like watered down chalk,

You know deep inside who you can trust to the end, That familiar face? Yes, it’s your very best friend,

When times are so hard, and you have nowhere to turn, When worries pile up, and depression returns,

Remember your friends and those closest to you, We are all here to lean on, In all that you do.

Norrms McNamara, diagnosed with dementia 9 years ago, at age just 50