Disintegrating memories, leave with no sound,
No warning, no signals, no alarm bells are found,
Slipping away, like ghosts in the night,
A shake of the head, life’s dwindling light.

Silent enemy, that strikes from within,
Knowing its end, not where it begins,
Sapping your strength , each every day,
Life`s own cine film,  just slipping away

Waking each morn, with hope in your heart,
Wishing and praying for another  fresh start,
Yet nightmare begins with opening eyes,
Feeling so lonely, alone with my cries,

Maybe one Day, at dawns early light,
I wont wake up with a shuddering fright,
My mind would be clear, the sky would be blue,
I will always have hope, and so should you too

Norrms Cc  Diagnosed age 50, seven years ago xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx