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Time to Walk Away?

Is it time for me to walk away? and time to have a rest,
Its it time for me to sit right down and say “I’ve done my best?
Some-days I feel like this, Some days i sit and cry,
Weeping to myself, always asking “Why”

Yes we have seen such change, it’s been wonderful to share,
The best thing of it all, is knowing you all care
The birth of Purple Angels, the GPS alarm.
Keeping people sate, saving them from harm,

Changing peoples minds, from Florida to Wales,
Dealing in simple facts, and not some “Fancy” tales,
Walking into shops, meeting Face to Face,
Always we are guided, to make our worthwhile case,

Then came the Ambassadoors, Angels one and all,
Immediately saying YES, when they heard the call,
Putting lives on hold, to make a better life,
For people they don’t know, for husbands and for wives,

So sometimes when i am tired, and i`m feeling low,
And i start to think, its my time to go,
I remember the day myself, when i got the call,
To stand upon the stage, and asked to kick that ball,

The ball that started rolling, and getting bigger every day,
With Every purple Angel, that comes along our way,
So will i walk away, and leave it up to you?
Maybe not just yet, There’s so much more to do

Best wishes, Norrms and family (Norrms, diagnosed with dementia 6 yrs ago aged 50)

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  • Ant Godber said:

    "Hi Norm, Thank you for sharing this, and it is quite relevant to masses. My father suffered from Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 57 but has sadly passed. We cared for him at home until the later years and it was a huge struggle and really wish you beat it. I keep up with Alzheimer's related news via Twitter mostly which is where I found your post as @FisherCenter posted it I suffer Chronic Migraines and loose words, struggle with recalling the route to places during the worst parts of the migraine. This worries me greatly as these are the first symptoms we noticed in my father. I really do wish you and your family the best. Kind regards Ant".

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