Communication? It could be better

Only Had To

I didn’t know you didn’t take sugar,
How long have you drank tea?,
What do you mean these aren’t your trousers
You all look the same to me

You only had to ask my friend,
You only had to ask.

You go to bed at what time?
You like to watch the telly?
What do you mean “Those aren’t your socks,
What’s the matter with your belly?

You only have to my friend,
You only have to ask.

Why cant you eat it with a spoon?
Can you use a fork and Knife?
Don’t you like to have a dry shave,
Have you ever had a wife?

You only have to ask my friend
You only have to ask

(then one day)

I can believe hes gone so soon,
I only saw him yesterday,
He was always trying to tell me something,
What did he want to say??

You only HAD to ask my friend
You only HAD to ask!!

Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx