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Early Onset

Sitting quietly in a chair,

All seeing eyes, yet vacant stare,

Mouth that moves but does not speak,

Word’s so solemn from one so weak,

Remembering times, days gone by,

Tear stained eyes, heavy sigh,

Can’t remember where to start,

Mumbling lips, heavy heart,

Confusion reigns with such a rage,

Mind so old, yet young with age,

This is early onset, in all its glory,

Early onset is now my story,

I want my story to be told,

Long before, I lie cold,

Raising awareness is what I do,

I send my love, from me to you

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxx

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  • theresa Lawson said:

    "Dear Norm, I have just come across your blogg. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. My husband is 59 & has had early onset since (oh well dignosed at) 51. He jibbers now saying numbers not words & stutters. He does have clarity of words sometimes. It is hard to try to work out what he is thinking & wanting. So thank you again for an insight to him ...maybe. :). I love this blogg & will stay tune I hope . Good luck & remember you are not alone we are all in a really big boat together.".

  • Lisa Hoover said:

    "My 50 year old husband was just diagnosed with early onset dementia. He is having a very hard time with the diagnosis. He is scaring us, he is pulling away from the family, threatening to run away and not let us know where he is. The Doctors don't seem to answer our questions or give us the support we need. Did you go through this when you were diagnosed?".

  • Care Results said:

    "Hi Norm, your poems are so moving and brilliant.".

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