Funeral Planning

August 26, 2010

The Benefits of Pre-planning:
Peace of mind is the number one reason that most people choose to pre-plan. There are also many other benefits you may want to consider: more time and a clearer perspective, receiving family input, avoiding family disagreements, emotional security, financial security, and relieving your family of important organizational and financial decisions during a period of stress and grief.

Consider Personalizing the Service:
As you begin planning a funeral, let your loved one’s life be your guide. Many people wish to personalize the funeral service and make it as unique as the person whose life they are celebrating. Whether a burial or cremation is chosen, a meaningful and personalized service is possible. Your creativity can help provide a lasting impression for loved ones.

Here are some ideas for personalizing the service:

  • Incorporate personal effects
  • Play special and memorable music
  • Have meaningful speakers
  • Provide mementos for family and friends
  • Establish a memorial to honor your loved one
  • Allow family and friends to participate in the service

How much does a funeral cost?
The cost of a funeral varies and is dependent upon what you personally believe is valuable to the service. When considering the cost factor, keep in mind that the goal of the experience is to celebrate a life, giving family and friends a chance to reminisce and say goodbye. Some individuals find that prepaying for the funeral can be beneficial, on both a personal and financial level.

What resources are available to help me make these decisions?
The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) is the worldwide resource and advocate across all facets of funeral service dedicated to high ethical standards and helping members provide meaningful service to families. Visitors to their website can search for Member Funeral Directors, who adhere to a strict Code of Professional Conduct.  There are also resources for the public, such as information on planning a funeral, planning in advance, and dealing with the loss of a loved one.

NFDA offers a Funeral Service Help Line, 1-800-228-6332, where representative are available to listen and answer any questions or concerns regarding funeral service.


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