Caregiver Voices: A Moment in Time

March 28, 2013

A Moment in Time

I have a sister whom I love with all my heart and I have a best friend whose mother, whom I love with all my heart, are both suffering with the insidious disease that has a few different labels. Whether you call it Alzheimer’s or dementia, as you all know it steals your memory, and you feel that you lose those precious people in your life long before you lose them to death. I wrote this poem in their honor, and in honor of all the brave families out there who are losing their loved ones to this horrible disease. I am sure you will recognize in it a “moment” that you have had.

I would like to say to all of my nieces and nephews up in Newfoundland, who are tirelessly caring for my big sister, “thank you” from the bottom of my heart and please “stay the course”—I know how much you all love her and she is so special. To my friend Lina I would like to say, you are such an incredible daughter to your mom. So few people in life give to a parent as you do, “stay the course”—she is so special. And for anyone out there who is caring for a loved one with this illness or any other, “stay the course,” as I am sure your loved one is special!

A MomentA Moment

You called me by my name today
Your eyes were clear as a star-filled sky
My heart was filled with dismay
What made today different from all the days gone by
You said, “I love you” today
The joy I felt was sublime
“Mamma,” I replied, once again you are mine
What made today different from all the days gone by
Today I caught a glimpse of all your yesteryears
When everyone knew your name
And were addicted to your fame
When you were sought after
For your special brand of laughter
What made today different from all the days gone by
As I look eagerly into your face
Wanting more and more of your good grace
I see the clouds begin again
The blankness that has become familiar
Swooping down in fear and anger
Robbing you of you
Robbing me of you
Robbing the world
Of all your splendor
What made today different from all the days gone by
Today, I received a gift
And that gift was a moment, just a whisper of a moment
With my mamma!

By Dianne Orlando


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