Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: March 2015

Experimental Alzheimer’s Drug, Aducanumab, Slows Cognitive Decline in Early Trials
Early testing of a new drug showed promise in reducing declines in memory and thinking skills in people in the…
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Estimating Your Risk of Developing Memory Problems and Dementia
A new analysis from researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota found various factors that put older adults at risk…
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Do ‘Leaky’ Blood Vessels Contribute to Alzheimer’s?
Brain scans of people at high risk for Alzheimer’s suggest that damage to blood vessels in the brain may play…
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A Healthy Heart May Ward Off Alzheimer’s
Here’s another reason to be good to your heart: It may ward off Alzheimer’s disease. A new study from Vanderbilt…
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A Skin Test for Alzheimer’s?
Mexican researchers report that changes in the skin may offer early clues to an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. The findings could one…
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