Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: April 2009

Vitamin D May Be Good for the Brain
Vitamin D, sometimes called the sunshine vitamin because the body makes it upon exposure to sunlight, may help protect the brain against the ravages of dementia...
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Having a Parent With Dementia May Affect Memory in Midlife
If your mother or father has Alzheimer's disease, you may be at increased risk of memory problems in middle age...
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Brain Factor BDNF Shows Early Promise Against Alzheimer’s
A protein made in the brain showed early promise in halting and reversing age-related brain damage in rats, mice and monkeys...
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Brain Scans Support Cognitive Reserve Theory for Preventing Alzheimer’s
Education may provide mental reserves that help to keep the brain agile into old age...
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Reading, Crafts Help Keep the Brain Young
More good news on the neurobics front: Reading books, playing games or engaging in computer activities or crafts like pottery or quilting helps keep the brain young into old age...
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