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Home-Based Training May Benefit Alzheimer’s Patients and Caregivers

A home care program that used nurses and occupational therapists to aid people with Alzheimer’s in their homes brought benefits to patients as well as those caring for a loved one with the disease, researchers report. The benefits of such … Continue reading

When Patients With Advanced Alzheimer’s Get Pneumonia

Up to 90 percent of people in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease must be cared for in a nursing home at some point during their lives, and many of those are prone to serious infections like pneumonia. A new … Continue reading

Learning to Dance

Learning to Dance I wish all Alzheimer’s patients could remain living in the comfort and routine of their own home. But I realize that a time may come when you, the caregiver, may no longer be able to provide the … Continue reading

The difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia

By GARY JOSEPH LeBLANC: Common Sense Caregiving After spending much time conferring with the general public I have come to the conclusion that a large percentage of people have a hard time understanding the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia. Recently, … Continue reading

Is a Clinical Trial Right For You or Your Loved One?

Among the many decisions you will face as a patient (or caregiver) dealing with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) may be whether or not to participate in a clinical trial. Clinical trials help scientists understand how AD affects the brain and facilitate … Continue reading

Useful Definitions

Here are definitions for some common terms used in clinical trials. Placebo: A placebo (sometimes called a “sugar pill”) is an inactive pill, liquid, or powder that has no treatment value. In clinical trials, experimental treatments are often compared with … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions about Clinical Trials

Here are some common questions we get about clinical trials. What is a clinical trial? Although there are many definitions of clinical trials, they are generally considered to be biomedical or health-related research studies in human beings that follow a … Continue reading