March 05, 2014 – Newsletter

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With record low temperatures across the nation, winter has been somewhat harsh for many of us. Here’s hoping the winter issue of Preserving Your Memory, now available for download below, will bring a little warmth into your day!

Please enjoy our latest expert reviewed Alzheimer’s News. As always, for more information on Alzheimer’s disease, you can visit us at

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Latest Alzheimer's Disease News In Review
Can Vitamin E Slow Alzheimer’s Decline?

An intriguing new study suggests that vitamin E supplements may be helpful to patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease...

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Anemia Tied to Dementia Risk

Anemia, a common condition in the elderly marked by low numbers of red blood cells, may increase the risk of dementia...

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High Blood Sugar Is Linked to Dementia

High blood sugar levels, a precursor of diabetes, were tied to an increased risk of dementia in older men and women...

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Preserving Your Memory magazine - Winter 2014
Preserving Your Memory Magazine

Warm Up with Us!

In this issue, we talk with the renowned singer Judy Collins about the power of music to heal (page 18). We also talk with author Deborah Shouse about her powerful new book, which chronicles her caregiving experiences with her mother (page 12).

On the research front, we talk with Dr. Sidney Strickland about his team’s research into the vascular connections to Alzheimer’s disease (page 10), and announce a breakthrough at the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research laboratory (page 11). On the fitness front, we look at new research that shows that aerobic exercise is even better for brain health than we thought (page 22).

We also explore ways to manage stress more effectively (page 8) and how to help a loved one who is experiencing the phenomenon known as “sundowning” (page 14). And we examine the process of the Alzheimer’s diagnosis with a leading Mayo Clinic doctor (page 26).

We hope this issue brightens your winter days!

Betsey Odell

Editor in Chief

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