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I care for an elderly parent who has Alzheimer's disease. She is stubborn and does not co-operate with me, but those who stay with her when I am at work say she is sweet. She knows my voice, so I think she resents me taking charge. Please Help!
I am having a lot of trouble being a caregiver for my husband. Am I alone in having these feelings?
Is there a place to go to find services in my area?
My mother is 96 and in the last stage of Alzheimer's. She is blind but recognizes my voice on most days. Somedays she talks really loud in words I can't understand and if I ask her why she talks so loud or screams she says she doesn't know why. Saturday I told her if she kept screaming I would have to leave (she lives in a nursing home) so she held my hand tightly, stopped screaming and went to sleep. I visit my mother most mornings before work and every afternoon after work. Do you think my mother is aware of her outburst and can really control them or was that just a coincidence that she stopped screaming? Are constant loud outburst part of the disease?

Thank you for being there.
My mother has mixed dementia and lives with me. She is 95 1/2. She is very fearful and pain averse. She does not want to wash, brush her teeth, or dress. Do you have some hints for me on how I might get her to cooperate. Thank you
Hi..I am starting to volunteer at a daily program that cares for seniors with alzheimer's and dementia. I would like to know the best possible way of communicating with them without hurting or offending them in some way. I have never been around people with this disease and i understand the symptoms and effects it has on the person..but I do not know how to yet communicate with them. May you please offer any advice?
I am a activities organiser at a care home, One section of that home is for dementia care. I intereact with all the residents and they are all responsive in their own ways but i am having difficulty the dementia residents. I am seeking any advise on how best to entertain and get them active. As you may have guessed i am new to activities for those suffering from dementia and feel like i am letting them down, is their any advise you could give me.
many thanks
is incontinence a symptom of AD if so how can it be managed
Hello, my mother have alzheimers and I'm trying to find out is their a special calender she use to help her keep up with amount of medicine she takes a day
I need help , because my husband 74 years old , have problems , attitude , humor , eat , understand other people. I don't know what I do , where I will go to talk somebady to teach me how do.

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