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Does the disease get worse with time?
My father, long term alcholic, had dementia that gradually increased from age 78 to 86. My mother had moderate dementia starting at 79 and progressed until 83. She had diabetes Type 2, very high BP and cholesterol. I am 72,had a baseline brain health assessment (normal level)am very active mentally and physically 60 hours weekly in volunteering and developing programs. My health flexibility, and mental acuity are excellent. My BP, osteoporosis, and cholesterol are medication and diet controlled. I take premarin 0.45mg, and many supplements.I have been a vegetarian since birth, exercise: aerobic, flexibility, strength training and resistance 5 hours weekly. I live alone, but have 2 children in other states. For planning purposes I would like to determine to the extent possible my risk for dementia. I havea health care background and am still acctive in policy formulation at tne national level. My father's relaaatives lived until their late 90s and many of my mother's relatives lived into their 80s (My father and mother did not take medications prescribed, had a fatty diet and did not exercise. Would it be helpful for me to have a test for the gene associated with later life alzheimers for planning purposes.
Thank you for your advice.
Mary Suther
Can a person 26 years of age get infected by Alzheimer's?
is alzheimers's some thing that you die with or can you die of alzheimers?
Is there any concrete evidence that Alpha Lipoic Acid helps fighting Alzheimer?
My mother who is in a mid to severe stages of Alzheimer chews her medications, but the Alpha Lipoic Acid Caplets is the one pill which turns her face red and she appears to be uncomfortable swallowing (she barely makes any sense anymore). Are the benefits she is receiving from the anti-oxidants out weighing the discomfort that she endures when she chews her medications? I would like eliminate unnecessary vitamins if is not helping anymore. I can only find anecdotal information regarding ALpha Lipoic Acid.


Alberto Campos
is reality orientation better thanvalidation therapy techniques?
my mother is getting worse at caughing from swalling. its not when she is eating, i give her all soft mushy foods. its anyting stting up laying down.she said it just feels like something is getting stuck in the back of her throat.i thought at first it was just her sinus draining and i have even looked at her throat there is nothing there. she has has had AD for about 5yrs now.
thank you
what is the best way to prevent as we know now? Have you heard of any studies about Tumeric?
My mom Died of complications of Alzheimers Disease at 87 years old. She was DX probably 12 years earlier. I am 59, Female, and post menapausal. I also have sleep apnea. My concern is that I dont remember like I used to, and sometimes search for words, that I believe I should know. I am scared to death that I have inherited this dreadful disease. I also have HTN that is controlled, and High Cholesterol which I have been taking statins for for many years. In addition to my daily RX I take 4800mg of Omega 3 (actual comsumption 2880mg), 500mg of pomegranite, 400 units of "E", and 1000mcg of "B12". Could you please shed some light on my fears. Should I get tested? If so what tests should I get, and by whom.

Thank you,
My Father is on the Mid of Stage-3 Dementia Associated with Alzheimer’s disease. My family has given all responsibilities regarding my father, his care and being able to make decisions, to a caregiver who has no experience with either Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Besides caring for her In-Law many years ago in Mexico, they have decided since she is with him 7 day and 5 nights, just about 24-7, she knows him well enough to be able and capable to make decisions for his care. They are also allowing her to make all decision on visitation times when she believes he is agitated, or to make a call on what is agitating him. I have noticed she teats my Dad as if he was a child, and she has said this many times before. I have read some books about these diseases, I have also seen on more than one occasion, any person who has these diseases and repeats words over & over again, means that they are trying to say something else however is unable to say the correct word. I have tried to explain this to my family and the Car
Hi, my name is Soo-Mi Park. I'm a junior in the Compass School, Westminster, VT. ( I'm in the Science of the Mind class.

For our final project each of us has to write an article and we are going to make a journal. I chose to write an article about the Alzheimer's disease. I'm want to focus on the relationship between our society and the Alzheimer's patients. So my question is what do they have to go through, and do all Alzheimer's patients become socially isolated or are there opportunities for social interactions.
Thank you so much for your time.

Sincerely, Soo-Mi Park
e-mail address: [email protected]
can you give me any information regarding the drug etanercept which was featured on radio 4 this week
What are the symptoms of Alzheimers and how do I recognize them?
I have a question regarding a senior who has been diagnosed with dementia (my Mom) and was just told by her doctor that she shouldn't be driving anymore (she failed her cognitive test at her recent check up, and the doctor has sent in a report to the California DMV regarding the diagnosis). The doctor told her that if she were to continue to drive (with her record of dementia) and were to be in an accident, that in the state of California she would be held liable for any and all damages resulting from that accident, even if she were not at fault. Is that true, and if so, what legal reference can you give me to show to her? The doctor did tell me that the DMV would contact her to have a form filled out by the doctor and return to the DMV, and that she could request a "reexamination" driving test to see if the DMV would let her keep her license. But in the mean time, if she were to drive and get in an accident, would the liability be all hers regardless of who was at fault as the doctor says?

If you don't have the answer to this question, can you refer me to another source for help? The California DMV website has lots of info on the issue of driving and dementia, but it doesn't address this specific issue of liability in the event of an accident.

Thanks for your help.

Peggy Pendleton

What is Flurizan?
Is bipolar in any way linked to Alzheimers?
tell me how symptoms increase.during one year?seven years?
would alzheimers disease cause a person to sleep excessively during the day?
My grandfather has alzheimer's, and has been living at home with my grandmother (they have two people who come to help them in mornings and evenings). My grandmother died suddenly on Wednesday. They have been living in Las Vegas, we all live in Portland Oregon. We need to move my grandfather to a home in Portland now because he cannot stay here alone. However, he is obviously quite upset after the death of his wife is extremely resistant to the idea of leaving the house right now. We aren't sure if there's a better way to talk to him about it, or what moving him right now on top of the trauma of my grandmother's death could do to him... Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you
Research on hospitalization of patients with dementia-more confused, disoriented

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