Dementia and Me - Norm McNamara

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About Norm McNamara

I am 55yrs old. I was diagnosed with heart failure at the age of 42yrs old and then diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 52yrs old, I intend on beating both! I am writing this so all my friends can understand how far I have come with it and hopefully forgive but remember me in the future when the posts stop. Also to all those who don’t know me but who read it then thank you and I hope it helps if ever you or anybody of your friends/family are touched by this awful disease.

Broken Memories

Broken memories flutter by, Misty eyes, a heartfelt cry, Dementia rears its ugly head, Some would say, better off dead, Strong words, I hear you say, But these words are said, come what may, Not by me, or those around, … Continue reading

Half Way There?????

Well, I am just entering my sixth year after being diagnosed with Dementia and as you know the average years of expectancy is around twelve so I have made it to the half way mark at least!! As you know … Continue reading

Planting Memories Garden

Hiya, on April 21st last year I launched what is the Only Planting Memories Gardening Scheme in the world. This was to hopefully turn an used garden into a place of peace and tranquility for those with Dementia. A couple … Continue reading

Distant Memories

Distant Memories fluttering in the breeze,Earliest memories coming back with ease,So confused, all amiss,Staring into the black Abyss,Wanting, needing, common ground,To walk upon without a sound,No more fear, wondering why,Dementia’s visits make you cry,Yearning for life’s own path,Walking tall without … Continue reading

I Weep for my Past

Yesterday I wept for my past, the day before, I yearned for my youth, today I want to be young again, I want to be free of this awful disease dementia and walk onto the football field, standing tall, shouting … Continue reading

The Day The Earth Moved

As Elaine and I walked into the shop I saw something move in the corner of my eye, could it be a little mouse coming in from the cold? Well, they did sell food and it’s not impossible I thought, … Continue reading

The Prime Minister

Continue reading

A Guide to Understanding Dementia

Hiya guys, as a person with Dementia (Four years now) I have been asked to explain what people in the retail trade might come across when they meet someone with dementia. Here are some Examples. 1. Money handling Sometimes people … Continue reading

Doing Too Much? Or Too Little?

At this time of the year we look back and without a doubt last year was our busiest ever! So thoughts now turn to this year 2013. This is where I am in an absolute quandary. Without a shadow of … Continue reading

So Very Tired

I am tired, so very tired. I am tired of being awake half the night, I am tired of not knowing what I am saying or doing from mid evening to morning the following day. But most of all, what … Continue reading

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