Dementia and Me - Norm McNamara

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About Norm McNamara

I am 55yrs old. I was diagnosed with heart failure at the age of 42yrs old and then diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 52yrs old, I intend on beating both! I am writing this so all my friends can understand how far I have come with it and hopefully forgive but remember me in the future when the posts stop. Also to all those who don’t know me but who read it then thank you and I hope it helps if ever you or anybody of your friends/family are touched by this awful disease.

Winter Shadows

As we walk slowly into deepest winter with the nights drawing in and the darkness of a winters night encompassing all i often think about how Winter cast its shadow of darkness over everybody and how similar that is when … Continue reading


Disintegrating memories, leave with no sound, No warning, no signals, no alarm bells are found, Slipping away, like ghosts in the night, A shake of the head, life’s dwindling light. Silent enemy, that strikes from within, Knowing its end, not … Continue reading

Reflections on a Winters Night

As the clocks turned back an hour and the nights are now darker, last night we went down to the Harbour of Torquay to say Goodbye to the HUGE wheel (Similar to London eye) we have over the summer months … Continue reading

Me and My Gran

Dolly was her name, my gran that is. Actually it wasn’t really “Dolly” it was Mary, Mary Mc Manus, but standing at a mere 4 feet 5 inches you can guess where she got the name from. She was called … Continue reading

Dementia’s song

One day soon, I promise you this,As sure as the moon rises, and sunbeams kiss,The cure we have waited for, for oh so long,Will arrive soon, like a beautiful song, I can feel it, the breeze, its in the air,Moments … Continue reading

You see me, and yet you dont know me

You see me , and yet you dont know me? You hear me, and yet you ignore me? You talk about me, and yet, don’t talk too me? You laugh at me, yet I am not Funny? You Pity me, … Continue reading

My Tears are not for you to see

Tiredness aches through every bone,Sat here feeling all alone, Ever so weary, at life’s slow drumbeat,Heavy heart, dragging feetAging eyes that do not see,Wanting to be a younger me,Days are slow,nights are worse,Underneath dementia`s curse,Shoulders heavy with life’s woes,Feeling like … Continue reading


As we stood in the foyer of the garden centre, the heavens opened!!  The rain came down in straight lines, washing everything along the road, bits of twigs, thrown away sweet wrappers from children, hungry after being taken around the … Continue reading

As time itself I do borrow

Sanity swinging to and fro, Always loved, but nowhere to go, Forever fighting the Dementia foe, How much longer will it last? Darkened days, Darker Nights, Entwined within Dementia’s fights, In a never ending survival plight, Dementia`s Shadows cast, And … Continue reading

When Morning Comes

As daylight breaks the mornings dawn, Ever since the earth was born, People stir from their beds, Lifting up their weary heads, But fighting Dementia every night, Amongst the screams, yells and fights, I pray for, the day’s sweet dawn, … Continue reading

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