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About Emily Gillespie Clement

Emily is a writer and language enthusiast who wishes she were more of a polymath, or at least as skilled as Data from Star Trek, the Next Generation. Her husband Jeff is a former hardware man and architectural rehabber who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2007. They raised three daughters and a son near Annapolis, Maryland, where Emily currently cares for Jeff, blogs, and is working on a fourth children’s book.

On Being “One and Whole”

Throughout my tenure as chief blogger from the spouse perspective, I’ve tried to present the realities of Alzheimer’s while sprinkling my thoughts with a light dusting of humor. Beyond the fact that this is my nature, I think it’s important. … Continue reading

An Alzheimer’s Toolbox

I’m sitting in the courtyard of the assisted living dementia unit where Jeff lives. He is in a weathered teak chair catty-corner to mine. I’ve got my iPhone plugged into mini portable speakers, and my eclectic collection of tunes are … Continue reading

Rough Seas

When it’s maelstrom season in your Alzheimer’s world, you might not have much time or appetite for keeping the Captain’s log. Such has been my stormy situation this Spring. I mentioned in my last post that circumstances had funneled us … Continue reading

Sometimes Alzheimer’s Takes the Wheel

In the weeks since I wrote my last blog post for the Fisher Center, Jeff and I and our Alzheimer’s-flavored world have been sucked into a vortex. Maybe I thought I was taking steps based on a decision-making process, but … Continue reading


”Yeah, I noticed all those things,” Jeff says, looking up from his favorite kitchen chair. ”Oh yeah?” I say. “What especially?” His answer is unclear, but that’s ok, since none of this “conversation” has made any sense, and I’m just … Continue reading

Laying Down the Law

Being a more or less full-time caregiver doesn’t mean you know how to entertain your caregivee more or less full-time. One of the questions that’s often bandied about on the Alzheimer spouse message board I frequent is: Why do they … Continue reading

Keeping the Hall-Decking Simple

About managing holiday confusion… I’m not much of a natural when it comes to hosting holiday meals. Nor did I get much practice as we raised our kids since Jeff and I both had moms nearby who were quick to … Continue reading

Needed: An Rx for Quandary

Alzheimer’s caregivers have a very conflicted relationship with medications. I cannot, offhand, think of another branch of pharmaceutical science where so much uncertainty is stamped with so high a price tag. Meds for Alzheimer’s is naturally a frequent topic of … Continue reading

Mixing Metaphors, Ionically Speaking

Obtaining an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can be a long and winding road. Ours sure was. Come to think of it, I don’t think “winding” is the most apt term for our particular journey. It bore more resemblance to an autumn corn … Continue reading

The Murky Spyglass, or: Can “After” start Now?

At some point in the Alzheimer’s spousing game you have to figure out a way to start worming your way back into life. Recently, another caregiving spouse on the Alzheimer’s Spouse message board which I frequent wondered how to do … Continue reading

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