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Long-Term Planning: The Will and Beyond

The Will and Beyond Now is the best time to plan for the distribution of your wealth, and a will is one important tool for doing just that. By Cari Jackson Edited by Bernard A. Krooks, J.D., CPA, LL.M After … Continue reading

Food: Vitamin D and Your Brain

Vitamin D and Your Brain Forgot where you placed your keys? Can’t remember your new neighbor’s name? Wondering where you parked your car? If memory lapses have you fretting about your brain health, you may need more vitamin D. A … Continue reading

Caregiver Voices: A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time I have a sister whom I love with all my heart and I have a best friend whose mother, whom I love with all my heart, are both suffering with the insidious disease that has a … Continue reading

Fitness: Take Care of Your Core

Take Care of Your Core Your abdominal, chest, and back muscles are the “core” of your body’s physical health. By Selby Bateman For most caregivers, a typical day can include plenty of physical activities—lifting, stretching, carrying, walking, climbing steps, driving … Continue reading

News Briefs: Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Health

News on Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Health   U.S. Lagging Behind in Alzheimer’s Support A report from the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging found that among five nations, the U.S. is falling behind in supporting the growing number of … Continue reading

Fitness: Get Moving!

When you’re a busy caregiver, taking a shower and eating a proper meal might sometimes feel like a challenge. Making the time to take a walk, go for a swim or hit the gym might seem like a downright luxury. … Continue reading

Joan Lunden edition – Preserving Your Memory magazine

Taking Care with Joan Lunden: The TV personality talks about caregiving.   The Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: Now What? Learn what your next steps should be when a loved one gets the Alzheimer’s diagnosis.   Getting Personal: Personal care can be a … Continue reading

Understanding the New Health Care Law

For people planning for lifelong health care and other long-term needs, coming to grips with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is essential. Edited by Bernard A. Krooks, J.D., CPA, LL.M By now, you’ve probably heard plenty about the … Continue reading

Content Articles – Preserving Your Memory, Spring 2013

  Continue reading from Preserving Your Memory magazine, spring 2013… News Briefs: Read the latest news on Alzheimer’s disease and brain health.   Caregiver Voices: A caregiver shares her heart in verse.   Fitness: Learn some simple exercises to strengthen … Continue reading

A Penny for Her Thoughts

An Interview with Penny Marshall Many know her as the spunky Laverne DeFazio of Laverne & Shirley fame. Others know her as the award-winning director who worked magic on films such as A League of Their Own, The Preacher’s Wife, … Continue reading

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