April 7, 2014 – Newsletter

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Please enjoy our latest expert reviewed Alzheimer’s News.

The first article, “Epilepsy Often Unrecognized in Early Alzheimer’s” discusses how people with Alzheimer’s disease tend to develop epilepsy.

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Latest Alzheimer's Disease News In Review
Epilepsy Often Unrecognized in Early Alzheimer’s

Many people with Alzheimer’s disease develop epilepsy, and those who have both conditions are more likely to develop serious memory loss and other cognitive symptoms at a younger age than those without epilepsy...

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Keep Reading to Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay

Reading books and magazines, writing and participating in other mentally stimulating activities, no matter your age, can help to keep memory and thinking skills intact, a new study suggests...

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Solanezumab to Be Tested in Large Trial for Early Alzheimer’s

The drug maker Eli Lilly is proceeding with trials of an experimental drug called solanezumab to treat early Alzheimer’s, despite earlier research in which the drug had failed to meet study goals...

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