umbrella-w-star-sun---small-831183-mAs we stood in the foyer of the garden centre, the heavens opened!!  The rain came down in straight lines, washing everything along the road, bits of twigs, thrown away sweet wrappers from children, hungry after being taken around the centre against their will, and rivers of leaves, floating like broken yachts by the kerbside.

No sooner had it started, it stopped again, with blazing sunshine beating down and the smell of wet foliage filling the air with that smell of old wood and grass. By the time we had stepped out of the indoor garden centre into the outdoor bit the heavens opened again!! Either, someone was playing a great joke, or the weather was having its own fun!!LOLL But this did get me thinking.

Between the showers there was warmth on my face, happiness in my heart and a will to live and carry on doing what we do best, surviving! And yet, in an instant, the showers were there, pouring down, dampening our senses and making us run for cover. I thought, how very similar to dementia is this? 

The showers are the BAD TIMES we have with Dementia, both those who live with it, and the wonderful carers out there, These showers “Bad Times” they can last for days, all day, a few hours, or even just a few minutes, but when it rains, our very soul feels as if its drowning in sorrow, the Dark clouds above are menacing and frightening with no sign of abating sometimes, just the thunder and lightning as your mood changes, and not always for the better.

But then, just when you think there is no hope, no light, no future, the beautiful rays of the sun peep out from behind the blue skies (A period when dementia isn’t as bad) and you can just see a glimpse of blue sky breaking.  As the blue sky seems to stretch farther and farther your mood lifts just as the warmth of the sun hits your face and you know things aren’t always going to be stormy, you want to take a huge deep breath and blow the dark clouds away. 

Both carers and people living with dementia feel this way at some point or other, because of the pressures of looking after and caring for someone with this awful disease , or living with it, will always feel like someday are full of showers and some days full of sun.

As someone living with this disease myself, my TIP ?? Remember the sunny dayss, even when its raining and take that deep breath to blow those dark clouds away.

Much love, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Diagnosed with Dementia SEVEN years this month xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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