My Tears are not for you to see


Tiredness aches through every bone,
Sat here feeling all alone,
Ever so weary, at life’s slow drumbeat,
Heavy heart, dragging feet
Aging eyes that do not see,
Wanting to be a younger me,
Days are slow,nights are worse,
Underneath dementia`s curse,
Shoulders heavy with life’s woes,
Feeling like a wilting rose,
Trying to make one last stand,
Against dementia`s barren land,
Fighting, wanting , in every way,
To live to fight another day,
Through the smile, tears do flow,
Looking well, yet feel so low,
Deep inside my heart breaks,
Tears well up, hands they shake,
So off i go, all alone,
To weep so much, on my own,
My tears are not for you to see,
But i am here, I`m still me,
Fighting hard everyday,
To keep my smile in every way 

Norrms Mc Namara  Diagnosed now SEVEN years ago this month aged 50 and STILL FIGHTING IT !!!!