Seven years And Pushing It

Well my friends, as you can see by the title of this blog in a month or so I will be approaching 7 years since I was diagnosed with this awful disease of Dementia. As you know I am a realistic person and I know a cure will not come in my lifetime now. But I do believe that a cure will, one day come, and we have to make the best of it until then. Life expectancy from Diagnosis to End of lifer varies tremendously depending on what stage you are diagnosed at, and as you know I was diagnosed very early on. So with the very generous reckoning that it’s “About “10 to 14 years you could say I am half way there?

As you know for the last seven years since I was diagnosed we have, all together, been campaigning for better services for those with Dementia and because of this worldwide effort, the changes and attitudes have been immeasurable!! Yes, we still have a long way to go, but the distance we have come in the last few years is nothing short of Incredible!! We haven’t always got it right either!! And I am always the first to admit this, mistakes have been made, friendships have been lost and tears shed. BUT!! I do believe we are on the right track, I do believe in what we are all doing is the right thing to do, and the reason I believe this is because we all have the passion to DO THE RIGHT THING!!

Without a doubt it’s been hard work, without a doubt I have watched amazed as ordinary people, living ordinary lives, have been transformed into heroes of mine right before my eyes for their unrelenting hard work and passion to change things for those with dementia. None more so those who have lost loved ones to this awful disease and yet, in their grief, have still found the strength to hold their heads up high and fight on to make just that one CHANGE that will make such a huge difference for others. For this I will be forever grateful.

And so what does the next few years hold? I know I cannot carry on doing this forever, my illness will not allow this, and I hope many will understand this, but I do have hopes for the future. I do have hope that one day the stigma that accompanies this disease wherever it goes, will be diminished and banned forever to the Abyss, but most of all I hope the work of the Purple Angel Dementia campaign will carry on until that day when a cure is found. Until the day arrives when I cannot do it my friends, please remember, we are not doing this for the pat on the back, the Kudos or the thanks, we are doing it because “WE CARE”

Much love to all, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

“” ONE DAY, Dementia itself will be but a distant memory “””

Norrms, 22/04/2014