Dementia Through a Child’s Eye’s

By Atlanta Aged

I love my Granddad, he’s great! He forgets things sometimes, well; he forgets things most of the time now I come to think of it! He wasn’t always like this; a few years ago he could remember everything about his life and used to tell me such stories about when he was younger and what he used to get up too. Mind you, I think some of the stories were a little exaggerated, like the one when he said he stood on the town hall steps for nine hours just because he found a half of crown (whatever that is?) and hid it under his foot just so no one could see him hiding it!!

Or the times his gran used to send him to the pasty shop on Saturday teatime and ask if they had any broken pasties?? Mind you, that one might be true knowing my Granddad Ha, ha.

It’s just that lately he has become more forgetful and I sometimes wonder if he even remembers my name. I would hate that if he forgot my name. Last week I asked him about the space shuttle and for the first time he didn’t have an answer for me! He always loved to talk about space and all the planets; he even told me once that he could have been an Astronaut but his gammy knee he got playing for Bolton Wanderers stopped him? Hmmm, still not sure about that one!!

My granddad always had that knowing look in his eye whenever I asked him anything. His reply was always quick and precise. I used to ask “Granddad, how do you know all these things?” And his answer was always the same “I’m your Granddad; it’s my job to know” he would always say… but sadly not anymore.

Sometimes he looks like he is staring out into space and no matter what I say he can’t hear me. Maybe he is still dreaming about being a spaceman?

I overheard mummy the other day talking to Daddy and saying my Granddad is not well and might have to go in a home? I don’t understand ? He has a home, here. Why would he want to live anywhere else? Does he not love us anymore? I’m sure he does because on some days he sits with me and reads to me like he used to do when I was six and we have such a laugh. When I ask him is he ill he always says “What! Me ill? How can I be ill? I have no time to be ill, who will look after you lot if I’m ill?

He’s so funny my Granddad and me laugh so much sometimes my belly hurts but I don’t mind, unless I want a wee that is and then its touch and go! And yet sometimes when I look at my granddad he looks ever so sad. I often wonder what he is thinking about and when I ask him he says “Nothing for you to worry about my angel”

I know that sometime soon my granddad will be with the angels because he is getting old, I bet he will have all them laughing in Heaven! I don’t want my granddad to go anywhere because I will miss him so much, but sometimes he looks so tired I just wish he would fall to sleep with a smile on his face…

I love my Granddad…


After reading the above I wrote the poem, hope you like it xxxxxxxxx

When Grandchildren Rule the World

When Grandchildren rule the world,
What a wonderful place it will be,
From the snow-caps… pole to pole,
Stretching far across the sea,
There will be Dragons, Prince’s and dreams,
Coming true at every turn,
Seahorse’s… Dolls… and lollipops,
And money trees for all to burn,
The laughter in the homes,
Will be forever heard,
While children spread their arms,
And soar just like a bird…
The sky will be made of ice cream,
And the rivers flow with juice,
When grandchildren rule the world,
What fun to be let loose…