Dancing in the Street

To “Elsie”
Let’s dance!

Would you mind, if I asked you to dance?
My Dearest Norrms, Elsie say`s
Of course you can, yes you may,
We took to the floor, Elsie and me,
In Launceston Square, for all to see,
The Band was playing for a Victorian day,
As we linked arms and danced away,
When we were finished, the crowd they cheered,
Dancing in public? There’s nothing to fear,
So thank you Elsie, for this moment in time,
A memory to keep, yours and mine

Love, your Dancing partner, Norrms xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S Elsie is Jane Moore`s (Founder of Camelford s Action Alliances) wonderful mum, we have something in common apart from Dancing, but who cares LOL xxxxxxxxxx mum