Planting Memories Garden

Hiya, on April 21st last year I launched what is the Only Planting Memories Gardening Scheme in the world. This was to hopefully turn an used garden into a place of peace and tranquility for those with Dementia. A couple of months later the Warberries Nursing Home, right here in Torbay very generously agreed to share their land and become the very first Planting memories garden for those with Dementia and their carers.

After what we can only call the worst Winter ever imaginable !! a lot of the hard landscaping, and very hard work I may add, has been done and we are now ready to move it along a little further. As you can see by the pics the top of the garden (its a huge garden) is all flattened out and ready for paving and making the beds. It may not look that much to some, but the work that has gone into this is incredible. It sometimes seems to be a long road but these things take time and a lot of money which the owner has been so generous to provide so far. The views are stunning and the end results will be astounding (I have seen the plans !! LOL)

The next time anybody questions the reasons for an early diagnosis of dementia? Please refer them to me !! LOL

Please enjoy and thank you for your continued support, for those of you on facebook please click on the link to have a look at the Planting memories page,

very best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxx