Distant Memories

Distant Memories fluttering in the breeze,
Earliest memories coming back with ease,
So confused, all amiss,
Staring into the black Abyss,
Wanting, needing, common ground,
To walk upon without a sound,
No more fear, wondering why,
Dementia’s visits make you cry,
Yearning for life’s own path,
Walking tall without the wrath,
Screaming out “I’m Still Me,
Look in my eyes and you will see,
Deep within a beating heart,
Wishing for a brand new start,
Don’t ignore me, I’m still here,
Search your soul and feel my fear,
A loving look is all I need,
To spur me on and sow that seed,
Help me walk this Rocky road,
A helping hand to share this load

Norrms Mc Namara Diagnosed 5 years ago with Dementia at age 50 and still fighting it !!