Book Review of my new book “Silent Voices”

Book Review of my new book “Silent Voices”

By International Award winning Author “Stan Goldberg”

Those of us who deal with chronic and terminal illnesses often have to guess what our patients and loved ones are feeling. That’s no longer necessary. In “Silent Voices,” Norm McNamara, courageously tells us what it feels like to have one’s identity stripped away by Alzheimer’s. What many can only partially imagine happens as memories are lost, is confirmed in this marvellous book. Besides being a great read, this is a guidebook for caregivers who want to understand what their loved ones are experiencing.

Yes, it’s a journey through Early Onset Alzheimer’s, but the fears, loves, and losses transcend all chronic and terminal illnesses. I recommend it for everyone who is a caregiver or expects to become one. Amazon

Stan Goldberg is the author of the internationally award-winning book, Lessons for the Living: Stories of Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Courage at the End of Life. His next book, Leaning Into Sharp Points: A Practical Guidance and Nurturing Support for Caregivers, will be published by New World Library in March, 2011.