Inspiring Times

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s make this quite clear, we are living in INSPIRING TIMES; things are changing and changing for the better!! We are now mid way through the Alzheimer’s Society’s Awareness week and spreading the word far and wide. Every day, thanks to a good friend of mine on Facebook we are hearing news straight from the press about what’s happening here and now in the world of Dementia.

Never before has Dementia been so talked about, discussed and brought out of the Victorian shadows which it has been in for years and years. Never before has it been shown so much on National TV, watched, commented and spoken about by the great British public!! This is OUR TIME ladies and gentlemen, OUR TIME to stand up and be counted!!

We NEED to keep this going and on until we see a cure and the stigma washed away from this awful illness. Never before have I EVER been so positive that change is on the way, and change for the better.

It’s now nearly FOUR years since I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and for the first time, in all that time, I feel as if progress is being made and we are going forward. Not only in this country but across the world as people are coming together to help each other and discuss this subject openly and honestly. No, it’s not been easy and I know that many people have been waiting a longer time than me to see change, but I promise you it’s on its way.

I will close now my friends by saying “KEEP THE FAITH” change is on its way.

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxx