Under Stress

As I sit here on this sunny day,
With my hospital appointment only hours away,
I start to think of what I’ve done,
During my life, how far I have come,
The clock is ticking in so many ways,
What’s to happen in these coming days?
It’s going to be tough, I can’t deny this,
Not something to remedy, with a lingering kiss,
All through my life I’ve faced many things,
With all its worries and troubles it brings,
But for most of my years, stood by my side,
Has been my wonderful wife, I’m bursting with pride,
Thinking how she has helped, through the dark days,
And how she has chased my demons away,
So why does it feel so different this time,
Have I done something wrong, stepped out of line?
Whatever it is I know we will face,
The troubles ahead, and with such grace,
What lays ahead, in this future of ours?
Will be revealed, in a few hours,
Whatever it is, I promise to fight,
Of my survival I will not lose sight,
With all of my family and friends by my side,
I have nothing to fear, nothing to hide

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxx