A Christmas Wish

Well, it’s that time of year again and I have just been looking back on my computer and in my documents to see what I have been up to!!

PHEW!! It’s been quite a year by all accounts!! Something`s I still remember, like the victory we had with BUPA and changing their wording on their documents.

Also seeing our very own Memory cafe on the BBC news and talked about on Radio Devon. Highlights of the year has to be going to the Dementia UK conference in Bournemouth and going home to my home town of Bolton to speak at the carer`s conference, I was so proud to be asked !!

There are so many other things I have just seen so there are far too many to mention, I would be here all day!!LOL

The very low point of this year was the untimely death of my wonderful mother in June. I still hear her sometimes calling my name, is that the Alzheimer’s or just wishful thinking? I don’t really care what it is; it’s so nice to hear her sometimes. I still miss her so much and if ever a hero walked this earth it was she.

The one thing that does stand out more than anything else is the amount of dear, honest and supportive friends I have made over the last twelve months. It is well documented with me that when I was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago I lost 70% of my “so called friends” I can honestly say I have more than doubled than now in honest genuine friends, who accept me for who I am and only see me and not the illness. This is the most precious gift I have ever had (Apart from my “Angel wife Elaine and children) and for that I will forever thankful to you all.

Sometimes I try not to look too far into the future for reasons I am sure you will understand but what I do look forward to is continuing these friendships I have made for a very long time to come.

Each and every one of you holds a place in my heart which will never be diminished.
As for my wish for next year? Well, a cure would be nice!! But failing that I just hope that each and every one of us touched by this awful illness will be able to understand it a little better and deal with it as it happens.

I hope that the Stigma of this disease will be reduced so much it will disappear and Dementia will be talked about openly and honestly so all will understand how important this is to so many people.

I hope that there will be a way to diagnose this illness as early as possible so to give people the chance to do what they always wanted to do and spend that precious time with their loved ones and friends enjoying every moment of it.

I hope that all my friends and their friends find the strength and courage to fight this disease with everything they have.

Most of all I hope to be a part of all the above hopes by raising my voice about it at every opportunity, raising awareness as much as I can and hopefully being there on the day someone announcer’s a cure!!!!

Remember my friends


I will be offline for a few days from tomorrow so I just want to wish everybody a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and hopefully a better New year all around, best wishes,

Norrms, Elaine and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx