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My Words For You

Sitting quietly,not really there,
All seeing eyes,yet vacant stare
Mouth that moves,but does not speak
Words are whispered,from one so weak,
Future fading in failing mind,
Sudden release would be so kind,
Confusion reigns all around,
Screaming out, yet not a sound,
Trapped inside a mind of Pain,
Feeling nothing left to gain,
Please hear my voice, I’m still here,
With shaking hands and falling tears,
Remember me as I do you,
Remember all the good times too,
From deep inside please know this,
I cherish your embrace and kiss,
So until that day, when we part,
Always know you have my heart

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxx
Copyright Norman Mc Namara

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  • Julie Roberts said:

    "The pain and emptiness when a loved one has passed away from Alzheimer's is over whelming. The fact that you can't share memories and perfect sentences. That what might of been said a few moments ago to heal has been forgotten. That joy and laughter cannot be shared in the loved years and months. That you can't help them eat a bit more or ease their pain. Fisher center hear and help.".

  • Charlotte said:

    "my husband has had alzheimers for four years now he is turning 65 on Christmas day. I am still working full-time which is a challenge every day because I feel bad that I leave him alone for several hours. We are doing ok but he is slowly fading away. Love and prayers to all Charlotte".

  • Pat Merkwa said:

    "God Bless".

  • Norrms said:

    "Thank you Chris, i so agree , best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxx".

  • Chris Job said:

    "This disease is very stressful for all involved....just have Love for one another. Love will carry you through "anything."".

  • Norrms said:

    "Hiya Roxanne, yes i know my friend, its such an awful disease and it affects every sinlge person in a different way, please be assured that i will do all i can for as long as i can to help, best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxx".

  • Chris Job said:

    "You are in my prayers. I have a mom-in-law with AZ and pray that you and your family receive all the strength and spirit you will need in the times ahead.".

  • roxanne said:

    "My husband has Early onset . I really understand your blog. I wish my husband would get more involved instead of denial".

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