Raising Awareness

Why is it that when we are young, the end of September is an age away from Christmas? Yet as we get older we think that at this time of year Christmas is just around the corner? Maybe I think too much?? LOL but my consultant did say to me “Use it or lose it” when he first diagnosed me two years ago. Such things go through my head a lot more these days and I do find myself thinking back to boyhood days.

Those days seemed much simpler then, harder? YES! But simple
If there is one thing to say about this awful disease is usually some of your best and earliest memories are usually the last to go. As you can imagine this throws up such a confusion of emotions as I like to think that I have many many happy memories of my life early and lately (what I can remember) the sheer thought of forgetting my darling wife and my family fills me with such dread some days that I actually shake with fear. I have always had this fear, even before my diagnosis that I will wake up one day, alone; all by myself and all my life has just been a dream.

Then only to be told two years ago that there is a strong possibility this is going to actually happen!! Most of my memories eaten away by this unforgiving disease of the brain until all I see are my boyhood memories, if I am lucky. All this drives me on to do as much as I can, whilst I can, for as long as I can as I quite flatly refuse to lie down to this illness or roll over.

Norm McNamara

Yesterday Elaine and me attended out Memory Cafe we volunteer at and I was asked to say a few words about my illness (me? a few words? Are you kidding me??LOL LOL) So trying to raise awareness I said that at one time the word “Cancer” was only whispered about or called the big “C” Then of course we had HIV or “Aids” which seemed to be only talked about in corners or not at all. Now both subjects are talked about openly and honestly. WHY??? Because we brought it to the forefront of people’s attention! We advertised the fact that it’s just an illness and not something to be scared of! We stood up to it and admitted more needed to be done to combat awful diseases like this.

Because of this, people listened, Government listened and the generosity of human beings came to the forefront! They stood side by side to be counted and made their donations which are needed and are so welcome to fund research and hopefully one day a cure. The result is what we have today. Millions of pounds being donated by the government for research and the words Cancer or HIV used as commonly as any other word.

So what of the word Dementia? Why, in this day and age is it still only whispered about? Why do Governments plough more money into one disease than another when they are all equally devastating? The answer is quite simple when you think about it! If it wasn’t for those wonderful people campaigning about the diseases mentioned and driving the message forward that more awareness needed to be raised then the general public would still be talking about Cancer and HIV in whispers!

Does the same not apply to the word DEMETIA?? Of course it does!! And by raising awareness as much as possible about DEMENTIA and all its problems can, and will, benefit Dementia sufferers now and for the future. So come on guys, it worked for other diseases and I hope and pray it will work for this disease in my lifetime and a cure will be found.


As always, best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxx