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Louisa Y. Tseng (Yuan) passed away January 28, 2018 in Wayland, MA. She was born in Douliu City, Yunlin County, Taiwan on April 24, 1944 to John Wan-Cheng Yuan and Miao-Liu Yuan and attended high school at Douliu High School, class of 1962. Louisa continued her education at Tamkang University in Tamsui, Taiwan, earning a B.A. in English in 1966. During that time, she was a member of the Canaan North College Fellowship sponsored by the Episcopal Church.

Following university, she returned to Douliu High School to teach English for three years. In 1969 Louisa left Taiwan to pursue a master’s degree in library science at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. The following year she moved to Atlanta, GA to work in the library at Clark Atlanta University while earning a second master’s degree there in psychology. While in living in Atlanta she joined the congregation at Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church and participated in the international students’ bible study group and Sunday service. On September 23, 1972 Louisa married Henry K. Tseng.

In 1979 Henry and Louisa moved the family to Needham, MA where they lived for the next decade. Louisa became a reference librarian at the Healey Library at the University of Massachusetts Boston campus and worked there until her retirement in 2011. In the 1990’s Louisa also worked part-time as the medical librarian at the Glover Memorial Hospital in Needham. From 1981 through 2006 Louisa worshipped at the Boston Taiwanese Christian Church in Brighton and Framingham, where she served as Church Elder and Consistory Chairperson in 2001. She also served as Boston Chapter President of the North America Taiwanese Women’s Association for one year. In 2007, Louisa began attending services at the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church of Greater Boston.

Louisa is survived by her husband Henry, son Edward Tseng and fiancé Renee Cocke, daughter Sharon Burns and son-in-law Chad Burns, as well as grandsons, Tucker and Tobey Burns. Surviving siblings are brother-in-law Chung-Song Sun; Su-Mei Chen, wife of Jing-Ren Chen, president of Nice Group; Wen-Nu Chen, wife of Jin-Shan Chen; Ching-Hsiung Yuan, husband to Wan-Hua Hsu; and Che-Sheng Yuan, businessman and husband to Ching-Shuang Ho. Two older sisters, Yu-Shi Yuan and Hwei-Mei Yuan, predeceased her, as well as brother-in-law, Chieng-Tong Huang.

From early childhood, Louisa was profoundly influenced by the Christian faith of her grandmother, and her own faith in God buoyed her throughout her life. She was devoted to her family and frequently offered overseas nieces and nephews a home away from home while studying in the Boston area. In retirement, she was able to indulge her loves for gardening and travel, writing and reading, and volunteering teaching classes about Taiwanese culture at UMass Boston and working with the Happy Hollow Elementary School in Wayland.

A memorial service will be held Saturday April 21, 2018 at 11 a.m. at the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church of Greater Boston at 14 Collins Road, Waban, MA. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent in memory of Louisa Y. Tseng to the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation at 110 East 42nd St. 16th Fl. New York, NY 10017 or at https://www.alzinfo.org/donate/donation_form/ .

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Chin-Chun Chen

同工為主有數年, 共擔辛苦亦甘甜;
離別送行心仍記, 如今天國妳先去;
春夏秋冬自然生, 歡喜相見望於天。

陳清俊 2018-2-3

Years for serving God together, full of joy and sorrow;

Now you are in God’s hands, it’s time to say goodbye with memories left in our mind;
Winter is followed by spring, with happiness we will meet again while looking up to the sky.

By Chin-Chun Chen
Su Hui Shiau
Dear Henry and family,

We were so sad to hear of Louisa’s passing. Louisa helped me get my first job in America which led to my career in hospitals by showing me how to write a resume. She always offered help before I needed to ask for it. I cherished her friendship and company and we are thinking of you all now.

Su Hui Shiau and Jong Chiang Shiau
Henry k Tseng

My Darling Louisa 曾光弘 Henry Tseng

Feb. 2018

青少年就決心信主 未及弱冠宣揚主旨
熱心參與團契之事 是主耶穌忠實信徒
無論是長老或執事 盡其精神全力以赴
學成家鄉中學教書 負笈美國肯州就讀
就任亞城大學圖書 舉家搬來波城長住
事業教會台美服務 做人處事甚受眾孚

教育子女苦口催促 訂定家訓堅持守住
相夫教子賢妻良母 一畝之地花草樹木
日出而作日落而息 如此執著無人能止
美麗庭院井然有秩 行人路過欣賞駐足

情何以堪遽然而逝 讓未亡人日夜思慕
情不自禁放聲而哭 快樂平安天國常住
希望這是暫別之時 只能等待再會之日
Henry k Tseng
Louisa My Darling
Henry Tseng
Feb. 2018

Believed in Gods at young age and spread Christian doctrine
Participated fellowship enthusiastically and been faithful believer to the God
Either been an elder or deacon, always with heart and soul
Became a teacher at home town after college and decided to study aboard in Kentucky
Started working in Library at Atlanta University and moved to Boston for good
Enjoyed working and servicing in Taiwanese community and been expected among all friends

Educated children with patience and been disciplined with family precepts
Been a wonderful wife and mother to the family, as well as a great gardener to the house
Rose up with the sun and rested with the sunset, been persistent everyday
Neighbors walked pass by and enjoyed the lovely garden all the time

You’d gone so suddenly and I have been missing you day and night
I cannot stop crying but can only wish you now live in heaven happily and peacefully
I believe this is a short separation until we see each other again

To my darling wife, Louisa
Bob Jenney
My condolences to you all.

Louisa led a life well-lived, centered on the important things: faith, family and continuous learning.

It takes both an adventurous spirit to build a life half way around the world and a loving soul to remain close to family back home while raising her children with her loving husband.

She lives on in her kids and grand kids. Rest in peace.

God bless,

Bob Jenney

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