Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Year: 2013

A Gift for All Seasons
In this time of giving, we are reminded of all of the wonderful gifts that people living with dementia have…
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Losing your cool while caregiving
It is a widely accepted fact that being a caregiver is an incredibly stressful undertaking. If this is you, then…
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Going Home?
I shout most nights that I want to go home, Whilst pacing and walking, feeling alone, Where is this home?…
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Over the River and Through the Woods
I stood watching as she dropped spoonfuls of dumpling dough into the boiling water. “Gosh, you make that look so…
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In the Age of Bountiful
When you are paying attention, you can really learn a lot. But you have to be willing to really look,…
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24 Hours With Dementia: A Carer’s Day
In July Norman McNamara told what it was like to live with dementia. Today Norrms’ life partner and carer,
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The Up Side of Down
Things are really bad: really, really, really bad. That is the steady drum beat of depressing news; wars and rumors…
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Please give me a smile : It will mean so much : Come on, give us a wave : And…
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Look Up! Mindful Dementia Care
We don’t often enjoy perfect weather in Chicago; it tends to be freezing, howling cold or muggy, stupefying heat. This…
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Alzheimer's Clinical Trials
Verifying a Dementia Patient’s Medical Information
One of the many problems I’ve witnessed while caring for my father with Alzheimer’s disease is that medical professionals would…
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On the road raising awareness every day
A World First !! (if its not, please correct me) This is what happens when you talk face to face…
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Three Ways to Talk to People Living with Alzheimer’s
For people living with Alzheimer’s it is often difficult, if not impossible, to begin a conversation or engage with another…
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Lift Every Voice
When we first met Jeannie, she was absolutely furious that her son had “dumped” her in the memory enhancement center.…
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Nursing Home
Activity Directors: The Unsung Heroes
Since I specialize in Alzheimer’s care, you can imagine that I frequent quite a few nursing facilities. I often have…
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Love in the Time of Dementia
When we first met him, he had been living in the locked dementia ward for almost a year. The staff…
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Living Hell
The Fog descends, envelopes my eyes, An unfamiliar place, my mind lies, Dementia`s cloud is here again, Spreading woe to…
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Dancing in the Street
To “Elsie” Let’s dance! Would you mind, if I asked you to dance? My Dearest Norrms, Elsie say`s Of course…
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Broken Memories
Broken memories flutter by, Misty eyes, a heartfelt cry, Dementia rears its ugly head, Some would say, better off dead,…
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Half Way There?????
Well, I am just entering my sixth year after being diagnosed with Dementia and as you know the average years…
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A Hurricane Named Dementia
As hurricane season rapidly approaches, I strongly advise caregivers on both coasts and inland to pause and read this “heads…
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Women Talking
The Preacher’s Wife and the Baker’s Wife
They sat across from us, giggling, the preacher’s wife and the baker’s wife. They were telling us stories from their…
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Planting Memories Garden
Hiya, on April 21st last year I launched what is the Only Planting Memories Gardening Scheme in the world. This…
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A Letter of Competency
In my estimation, there is no other disease that can tear a family apart faster than Alzheimer’s. The reason for…
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Distant Memories
Distant Memories fluttering in the breeze,Earliest memories coming back with ease,So confused, all amiss,Staring into the black Abyss,Wanting, needing, common…
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