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Why I Support Alzheimer's Research:
Our good friend Snake has someone close to him who suffers from this tragic disease. In honor of Man-vember, the holiday season and a ridiculous challenge proposed over numerous cocktails, we have created this fundraiser in hopes that our small contribution this holiday season could lead to a big impact in the research to cure Alzheimer's. Here is the deal - if we can raise $2,000 to donate to The Fisher Center, Snake will grow and maintain a manly set of Mutton Chops (we'll call them Snake Chops) from Thanksgiving until New Years, taking memorable photos along the way that he will share with all of us. Don't let the kids down this holiday season. What everyone wants under their tree is a picture of Snake Chops, so please be generous and do what you can to help out the Fisher Center. Thanks for your support!


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My Donors

Name Pledge Comments
Momma and Pappa Snake $250.00 Proud of your efforts! Can't wait to see you at Christmas.
Ben and Kristen Beardslee $175.00
Bruce and Jayne Kolbe $100.00 Go Mike! Merry Christmas to you both
Dina Barberio $100.00 in honor of mom, in support of snake chops
Dina Barberio $100.00 in honor of mom, in support of snake chops
Mike Kubera $100.00 For a good cause!
Kyle Healy $100.00 Let's get this started!
Katie Young $100.00 Good job Snake!
Mike and Cassie Romain $50.00 Appreciating what we see, we are saddened and would like to share in your effort to help fight this debilitating malady.
Mary Cate Kubera $50.00 go beards, its your birthday, go beards, shake it anyways.
Michelle Worden $50.00 I donate in honor of my good friend's mother. I hope a cure can be found as quickly as possible.
Julie DeSimone $50.00
Caitlin Kubera $50.00 Can't wait for the family photos at Christmas!
Alexandra Kolbe $50.00
Laina Mason $50.00
David Zupan $50.00
Patrick Ellement $25.00
Dale & Jacqueline Milbrand $25.00
Lauren Levine $25.00
Christine Dorney $25.00 Great Cause! Happy Holidays!
Gregory Pardo $25.00 Great Job Snizz
Ben and Kristen Beardslee $25.00
Kevin Healy $25.00 Go Snake
Elana Hoffman $25.00 Just under the wire! Thanks for your hard work for this good cause. I know Lindsey is looking foward to getting her smooth-faced husband back soon. Happy New Year! -- Elana, Ben, and Dalia
hillary zahn $15.00

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