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Jogging the Memory with Fun Fitness Ideas

By Michelle Porter Tiernan Dancing, gardening and playing games can be good exercise for any age. For people with Alzheimer’s disease, these fun fitness activities can boost self-esteem, improve mood and bring back pleasant memories from younger days. “Wii” Just … Continue reading

Vital Research Continues as Alzheimer’s Burden Grows

Will you get Alzheimer’s in old age? If you live past age 85, chances are better than one in three that you will… Continue reading

Knowing Your Risk for Alzheimer’s

Would you want to know your risk for Alzheimer’s disease? New genetic tests make it possible to learn if you carry a gene that make you susceptible to developing severe memory loss and problems with thinking in old age. Continue reading

The Physical Toll of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s remains a leading cause of death, yet many consider it a disease of mind and memory. But there are physical tolls on the body of Alzheimer’s… Continue reading

Reversing Memory Loss

A new study gives insights into the way the brain and memories work, raising the possibility that it may one day be possible to develop a drug to recover lost memories. The findings could lead to new treatments for Alzheimer’s. Continue reading

Broad Range of Psychosis Fighters Pose Risks in Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Many popular medications to ease agitation carry potentially serious risks. Continue reading

Vitamins, Drugs Of Limited Benefit for Mild Cognitive Impairment

Vitamin E and Aricept had modest or no benefits for memory. Continue reading