October 24, 2018


With Halloween right around the corner, there will be many things to be frightened of – scary costumes, kids playing pranks in your neighborhood, or watching scary movies. One thing that shouldn’t frighten any of us is the safety of our loved ones or the safety of ourselves.

In this week’s Alzheimer’s Research News you can use, we discuss ways to keep both you and your loved ones safe not only during Halloween but all year-round.

Our first article discusses how firearm access to someone living with Alzheimer’s disease can pose major risks. Like driving, allowing someone with any type of cognitive impairment can lead to potential injury to not only themselves but to others also. In this article Dr. Betz, from the University of Colorado School of Medicine states, “the primary firearm injury risk for individuals with dementia is likely to be death by suicide.” To learn more on how you can keep both you and your loved ones safe, please read the full article below.

In our second article, we discuss how people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia were especially likely to suffer from harmful side effects from commonly prescribed opioid pain medications. To learn how to assist with pain management in those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease please read the full article for the tips provided.

Although, both scenarios might seem scary at first, always remember we can provide you with great resources to cope with daunting situations as it pertains to Alzheimer’s care.

As always, if you would like to learn more about the above-mentioned studies, please read the below articles and for more information about Alzheimer’s; please visit our website at www.alzinfo.org.

Be safe and all of my best,

Kent Karosen
President & CEO