November 7, 2018

Hello Jerry,

As we celebrate the first week of Alzheimer’s Awareness month, we want to be sure you keep us in mind when you are celebrating the holidays with your loved ones and eating lots of deliciously prepared food.

Although very tempting, try to limit your intake of high fat and high sugar foods during the upcoming holidays. In a recent study a high fat, high sugar diet showed changes in the brain typical of Alzheimer’s disease. Of course, these changes in the brain happen when your diet consistently includes high fat and high sugar, but it wouldn’t be so bad if you skipped that second or third piece of cake. For more information on this study you can read the full article below.

In our first article we cover the Alzheimer’s risk to kidney dialysis patients. In this study, researchers found that the chance of developing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia in the first year of initiating dialysis were 4.6 percent for women and 3.7 percent for men. The risk of developing dementia over five years was 16 percent for women and 13 percent for men.

Although both alarming findings, please keep believing that together we can end Alzheimer’s disease.
I hope you will find these stories helpful. As always, if you would like to learn more about the above-mentioned studies, please read the below articles and for more information about Alzheimer’s; please visit our website at www.alzinfo.org.

Be safe and all of my best,

Kent Karosen
President & CEO