February 16, 2018

Happy Black History Month, Ash Wednesday, and Valentine’s Day,

Oy!  There’s a great deal happening this month.  On one hand we’re in celebration mode preparing for Passover and on the other, we’re in mourning due to the recent deaths of high school students involved in another mass shooting.  Our thoughts and prayers go out broadly to the families and friends affected by this heartbreaking tragedy. 

In a world where we are inundated with nonstop information, worrying about memory problems as it relates to Alzheimer’s disease might not be one of them according to our first article which focuses on a study from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.

In our second article, researchers at the University of South Florida investigate how training your brain through computer games may help ward off other forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s – fascinating.  You see we are making some progress, but don’t put the crossword puzzle down.  This is just another mentally challenging game that may help sharpen your brain.

We will continue to work diligently to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.  Please go to our website to learn more information at www.alzinfo.org.

As we try to settle ourselves with what feels like a tsunami of events happening this month, try to keep things simple for your own well-being and inner-peace by (1) removing one thing that doesn’t give you positive energy, (2) starting each day with the top three things you’re grateful for and (3) self-care.

All my best,

Kent Karosen
President & CEO