December 18, 2017

Season’s greetings,

As you try out different holiday recipes from your favorite magazine or beloved family member, think about what you’re truly doing – experimenting.  Every time you try something different with your mouth watering dish, you’re experimenting, and experimenting can be fun.  After all it provides both subjective and objective insights and they are both unrestricted.

Take for instance the first story in this week’s newsletter which focuses on how researchers are getting very close to detecting Alzheimer’s disease through the eyes before symptoms become prominent.  Imagine, Alzheimer’s detection being added to the list of eye-related concerns Optometrist look for like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and cancer?  The more we experiment, the more we know and the closer we get to a desired result – finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Do you enjoy solving crossword puzzles?  I sure do.  There’s something very satisfying about recalling lost facts.  You’ll read in the second story how doing crossword puzzles regularly may help to keep the brain up to 10 years younger in late life.

So as you count down the number of days you have left to get those last minute holiday gifts, be sure to add a few crossword puzzle books to those stocking stuffers and line dancing on the living room floor after the holiday supper before you sit down and cover your furniture.  These activities will help preserve memory and thinking skills while keeping you physically fit.

Want more information about Alzheimer’s; please visit our website at www.alzinfo.org.

May this season bring glory to your life, peace to your mind and joy to your heart in the company of your near and dear loved ones!

Kent Karosen
President & CEO