August 7, 2019


How does the ocean say hello?  It waves.

Just a little humor in honor of National Smile and Health Center Week.  What’s more, today just so happens to be Patient Appreciation Day, and this e-newsletter is all about staying active – physically and mentally!

Our first article highlights a new study by Swedish researchers that found staying mentally and physically active can be helpful in reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s disease decades later.  Now that’s a nice incentive to continue staying active.

In our second article, Dr. Stern of Columbia University, confirmed that regular activities like walking, climbing stairs, or cycling improved thinking skills for people in their 20s and later in life.  So don’t just sit there, move about. Staying mentally and physically active plus eating healthy is the real fountain of youth, and your best plan of continued action against Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine to make sure it’s safe and a good fit for you.

To learn more about the aforementioned research, please read the expert reviewed articles below.  For more up-to-date information about Alzheimer’s, visit our website at www.alzinfo.org. Remember, reading and learning new information is also exercising your brain.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the research progress being made at the Fisher Center.

Together we can end Alzheimer’s.


Lucretia Holden
Senior Vice President