August 21, 2019


I’m sure you’re aware that Alzheimer’s disease is most common in people 65 or older, but did you know that Alzheimer’s affects women differently than men? Today, National Senior Citizen Day, we’re highlighting the differences because we need to stay vigilant about our health at every aging stage no matter our gender identity.

In our first article, you’ll learn new clues about why more women than men have Alzheimer’s.  What’s more, if researchers can get a better understanding of the biological and social factors at play, it could help lead them to discovering more effective treatments.

Our second article reveals an important new study that ties a specific hormone therapy for prostate cancer to the increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.  With any treatment, one has to carefully weigh the long-term risks and effects with their physician before making a decision that best suits their needs.

To learn more about the aforementioned research, please read the expert-reviewed articles below.  For more up-to-date information about Alzheimer’s, visit our website at www.alzinfo.org.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the research progress being made at the Fisher Center.

Together we can end Alzheimer’s.


Lucretia Holden
Senior Vice President