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Over the River and Through the Woods

I stood watching as she dropped spoonfuls of dumpling dough into the boiling water. “Gosh, you make that look so easy!” My 22 year old self was honestly impressed with the elderly woman’s skill in the kitchen. Grandma Schadi, my … Continue reading

In the Age of Bountiful

When you are paying attention, you can really learn a lot. But you have to be willing to really look, to really listen and to really, really pay attention. We are so easily distracted these days, living in the information … Continue reading

24 Hours With Dementia: A Carer’s Day

In July Norman McNamara told what it was like to live with dementia. Today Norrms’ life partner and carer, the amazing Elaine, has agreed to share what a typical day caring for Norman involves. Both Norrms and Elaine are part of the Ostrich … Continue reading

The Up Side of Down

Things are really bad: really, really, really bad. That is the steady drum beat of depressing news; wars and rumors of wars, lay-offs, foreclosure, the shrinking, never-to-return middle class. For people who are caregivers in the midst of all of … Continue reading


Please give me a smile : It will mean so much : Come on, give us a wave : And watch my eyes wave back : Ask how I am : Its shows you care : Ask how I’ve been … Continue reading

Look Up! Mindful Dementia Care

We don’t often enjoy perfect weather in Chicago; it tends to be freezing, howling cold or muggy, stupefying heat. This was a perfect summer day; cool, with the clouds chasing the sun and a light breeze off the lake. The … Continue reading

Verifying a Dementia Patient’s Medical Information

One of the many problems I’ve witnessed while caring for my father with Alzheimer’s disease is that medical professionals would ask him questions and take his answers as if it was the gospel truth. Many times these were crucial questions … Continue reading

On the road raising awareness every day

A World First !! (if its not, please correct me) This is what happens when you talk face to face with Business’, explain how important it is to raise awareness ABOUT THIS AWFUL DISEASE DEMENTIA , and work together for … Continue reading

Three Ways to Talk to People Living with Alzheimer’s

For people living with Alzheimer’s it is often difficult, if not impossible, to begin a conversation or engage with another person. When we try to talk with a person who has memory loss, we are often greeted with the thousand … Continue reading

Lift Every Voice

When we first met Jeannie, she was absolutely furious that her son had “dumped” her in the memory enhancement center. She had been having trouble with falling at home and had been found more than once wandering in her neighborhood … Continue reading