Financial Statements

2018 Financial Report



Programs cost:

  • Novel research conducted largely in NYC and a portion overseas to help us understand the causes of Alzheimer’s disease and find a cure
  • Our website updates and management, which allows us to provide researcher vetted information to millions of people about Alzheimer’s disease and how to manage it
  • Our triannual magazine, Preserving Your Memory, provides readers with hope through caregiving advice and the latest health news on Alzheimer’s research and treatment
  • Our Alzheimer’s Research News You Can Use bi-weekly e-newsletter provides Alzheimer’s studies right to the subscriber’s inbox

Fundraising cost:

  • This efficient expense helps us increase awareness of our cause and vision of ending Alzheimer’s by raising funds for research through direct mail campaigns, e-commerce, outreach, grants, planned giving, social media, and advertisement.

Administrative cost:

  • Comprises employing professional staff who work smart to maximize the impact of your gift
  • Secures legal and accounting experts as needed to protect our investments
  • Building insurance, subscriptions, office supplies, equipment, and other general expenses. No funds are dispersed to office rent or utilities since these expenses are donated by a generous board member


Check out our annual reports and audited financial statements.


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