Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: January 2021

Most People with Alzheimer’s Have Mild or Moderate Disease
Just over half of people with Alzheimer’s disease have mild illness, according to a new analysis. Thirty percent have moderate…
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Should You Be Tested for the Alzheimer’s Gene?
Anyone who has a family member with Alzheimer’s disease worries: Does Alzheimer’s run in my family? Will I also go…
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Walk, Run or Bike for Brain Health
More good news on the exercise front: Brisk walking, running or cycling in middle age is good for your brain,…
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Why Chocolate May Be Good for Your Brain
More good news on the chocolate front: Healthy adults who drank a cocoa drink rich in flavanols, compounds found in…
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Exercise May Slow Progression from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer’s
People with memory issues that are grouped under the umbrella name “mild cognitive impairment,” or MCI, often progress to full-blown…
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Growing Evidence Links Air Pollution to Alzheimer’s Disease
Two new studies tie air pollution to the brain changes of Alzheimer’s disease. The findings add to a growing body…
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Credit, Financial Problems May Be an Early Indicator of Alzheimer’s Disease
Deterioration over time of someone’s abilities to keep their financial situation under control is more frequent in Alzheimer’s patients. Indeed,…
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Experimental Drug, Donanemab, Shows Promise in Slowing Alzheimer’s
An experimental drug called donanemab showed promise in slowing the decline of Alzheimer’s disease in a medium-size clinical trial. People…
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