Expert reviewed Alzheimer’s and Dementia News

Month: October 2019

Income Drops in Young Adulthood May Impair Brain Health
Big drops in income in young adulthood may impair brain health decades later, according to a new report. The findings…
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Blood Pressure Alzheimer's
High or Low Blood Pressure May Raise the Risk of Dementia
Maintaining a healthy blood pressure in midlife may be important for helping to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and…
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Alcohol Alzheimer's Dementia
How Alcohol Might Affect Your Dementia Risk
Moderate drinking is unlikely to affect the risk of developing dementia in healthy older men and women, according to a…
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Alzheimer's Blood Test Closer
Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Grows Closer
A blood test to detect Alzheimer’s disease before symptoms appear is growing closer, researchers report. The test detects the toxic…
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Alzheimer's Health Costs
The Hidden Costs of Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are estimated to cost $290 billion dollars a year in the United States,…
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Anemia Tied to Alzheimer’s Risk
Anemia, a common condition in the elderly marked by low levels of hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying component of red blood cells,…
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Alzheimer’s Drug May Lead to Life-Threatening Muscle Disease
Many people with Alzheimer’s disease take the drug donepezil (brand name Aricept) to help ease symptoms for a time. But…
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